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Conexus Financial is Australia’s largest, independently owned publishing and events company. Its products span the institutional and retail financial services sectors in Australia and around the world. Conexus Financial boasts an unparalleled understanding of the markets, companies and individuals its products touch. Extensive editorial contacts and experience, along with comprehensive events-management capability, position Conexus uniquely among its competitors. Its events are staged both globally and domestically, and key decision-makers around the globe read its publications.

Through knowlege, insights and connections, Conexus Financial is a catalyst for a more informed world.


Professional Planner is the leading publication for financial planners who are committed to raising the industry’s standards of behaviour and competence while striving to achieve professional status.

Published online daily, it also stages high-profile industry conferences, facilitating unparalleled coverage across the key content areas that affect that affect how individual planners and their businesses can prosper in today’s fast-changing environment.

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Insights from the editor

There are approximately 16,000 financial planners in Australia. They perform a critical public duty in helping individuals make the most of their financial resources, including enjoying a dignified and comfortable retirement.

As the industry moves towards adopting professional standards, Professional Planner continues to help advisers understand how to adhere to the highest possible standards for the wellbeing of their clients, while at the same time owning and operating sustainable advice practices.

Our editorial direction is informed by an advisory board of industry experts and led by our unrivalled editorial team – including contributors who are among the country’s leading practitioners.


Markets and the implementation side of financial advice


Behind the thinking of practice owners and senior leaders


News and analysis on pertinent topics of the day


The forming and changing rules the industry abides by


Views from thought provokers and industry leaders

Editorial team

The Professional Planner editorial team have over 30 years combined experience in financial services. Our team of expert journalists boast extensive editorial contacts, connections and experience deliver the industry's highest quality content through our publications and events.

David Stratford

Senior Content and Relationship Manager

Aleks Vickovich


Chris Dastoor

Editor, Professional Planner

Simon Hoyle

Editor at large

Advisory board

Our esteemed advisory board leverage the intellectual capital and thought leadership of Australia’s most prominent industry stakeholders to ensure the themes and topics of our editorial and events is highly relevant and addresses the most pertinent issues in the industry today.

Deborah Kent

Practice owner, Integra Financial Services

Michael Wright

Chief executive, Lonsec

Paul Barrett

Chief executive, AZ Next Generation Advisory

Jeff Thurecht

Practice owner, Evalesco Financial Services

Tony Rumble

Director, The Wealth Partnership

Hon. Bernie Ripoll

Chairman, Map My Plan

Lena Ridley

Chief executive, Profile Financial Services

Nathan Jacobsen

Managing director, Diverger

Paul Heath

Chief executive, Koda Capital

Pamela Hanrahan

Professor of Commercial Law and Regulation, UNSW Business School

Peter Foley

Practice owner, Thirdview

Simon Carrodus

Partner, Hamilton Locke



Annual events


Delegates hosted in 2022


Percent attendance rate in 2022

We are experts in deliving exceptional and unique experinces, IN PERSON AND ONLINE.

We are committed to providing engaging and memorable experiences to inspire a sense of community within the financial planning and advice industry.

Laser focus on thought leadership and educational content 

Our programs are uniquely designed to offer deepened knowledge and understanding of the opportunities and challenges the industry is facing through case studies, panel sessions and table discussions, which are infused into the program to promote peer learning and cohesion. The content of our programs evolves throughout the events; we guide the audience on a content journey through our curated programs. We enforce a strict no marketing environment where the focus is on knowledge sharing and thought leadership.

Exceptional access to Australia's advice community

Our events are designed to be highly interactive and to facilitate interaction between sponsor partners and key participants of the financial planning and advice community.

Unparalleled networking opportunities 

True value is derived from quality time spent with delegates over the course of the events and we provide an excellent platform for learning, networking and thought-provoking conversations. Our events offer a variety of opportunities to deepen relationships with asset owners including allocated seating and table discussions. These formalities and contrasted with informal networking experiences ranging from gala dinners to orchestrated seated lunches. Our events provide an unparalleled platform for embracing new contacts or strengthening relationships with new or existing clients.

Maximise your ROI

To ensure you derive the most value from our events, we highly recommended that attendees are present for all conference sessions and social functions, are actively engaged and participate in table discussions and debates.




IN 2020




A wide range of topical issues covered with good content and speakers. Conference provided insights and different views on some very topical issues.

Allan Bowles

Senior Manager, Retirement Solutions, REST Industry Super

A wide range of topical issues covered with good content and speakers. Conference provided insights and different views on some very topical issues.

Allan Bowles

Senior Manager, Retirement Solutions, REST Industry Super

Exceeded expectations. Speakers were great and the debate lively and interesting even in the digital format.

Tim Dowling

Research Relationship Manager, Allianz Retire

Good range of speakers and topics, great for a self-licensed business.

Jennifer Porter

Chief executive, Bloom Advisory Group

Meaningful sessions, great content, timed beautifully, terrific work by the individual chairs.

Mark De Wan


Plenty of great knowledge shared.

Michael Gershkov

National practice manager, Lifespan Financial Planning

Good range and choice of topics and speakers.

Allison Dummett

CEO of Matrix and Clearview, Matrix Planning Solutions

Well organised with good speakers, topical issues and engaging discussions.

Nigel Stewart

Chairman, Stewart Partners

Great to connect with such a good mix of people in the licensee space. Organisation of the event and table mix planning was very well done which made for good conversations.

Lisa Norris

General Manager – Clients, The Investment Collective

Always very well run. Great content and excellent networking opportunities.

John Corcoran

Head of Standards and Documentation, MLC Wealth

Great selection of high-quality speakers and opportunity for sharing of ideas.

Jeff Everett

Head of advice operations, Centrepoint Alliance

Excellent conversation with committed people about the future of advice and how we need to move forward.

Paul Harding-Davis

General Manager, AdviceIQ Partners

Great location, good size of participants and excellent presenters/ topics.

Scott Brewster

Director, Umlaut

The content and discussion were both positive and constructive. I walked away from the Summit feeling optimistic about the future of the financial planning profession.

Dante De Gori

Chief executive, Financial Planning Association of Australia

Well-constructed agenda, great facilitation of discussions & great use of technology.

Sophie Firminger

Practice Development Manager, Madison Financial Group

Great quality speakers, great venue and quality delegates.

Phillip Win

Managing director, senior financial adviser, Profile Financial Services

Exceeded my expectations, was seamless in fact. Beneficial keeping up to date and hearing what other practices are doing and how they are feeling.

Kathy Hickey

Operations Manager, Zone Financial

Loved the whole experience - this is definitely something I would consider as an annual must attend, great to hear from other advisers and how they are feeling in our ever-changing world.

Lee Mowat

Chief Operating Officer, Olive Financial Markets

Excellent quality event. A very strong agenda and great speakers.

Nick Mitchell

Managing Director - Global Investment Service, Mason Stevens

Presenters all very knowledgeable and presented well.

Denise Lee Long

Accountant, Get Smart Financial Solutions

One of the better conferences I've been to in some time, with the breadth of presenters and details they were happy to share. Take my hat off to the organisers. Very well done.

Jason Petersen

Head of Advice Wealth Management, 5 Financial

A great event. Nice to get my head out of the reeds for a day.

Jim Fenwicke

Principal, Fenwicke Financial

This is an event I never miss.

Michael Allen

CFP, Keystone Advice Partners

Good speakers with relevant content.

Jan Kerridge

CFP, Supernova Financial

It was great to hear ideas and perspectives of other professionals (especially advisers) in the industry.

Sam Ryma

Financial Planner, Forest Wealth

Interactive and thought provoking.

Louise Parker

Practice Principal, Financial Lifestyle Managers

It was a great opportunity to get insights from practitioners and providers outside of the usual talent pool we get exposure to.

Morton Wagner

Director, Q Advice

Very professionally organised and presented.

Alison Williamson

Financial Planner, PF Financial Advisers

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Professional Planner events are a great way to network and develop professionally.



Events Calendar |


Conexus Financial events provide an excellent platform for peer learning, networking and collaboration. Click below to explore our event portfolio.

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Data provided by CoreData, September 2021

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Professional Planner is the leading publication for financial planners who are committed to raising the industry’s standards of behaviour and competence while striving to achieve professional status.


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The Professional Planner newsletter is delivered daily to our 15,800+ subscribers, with an open rate of 48%


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Roundtables Digital Professional Planner


Professional Planner roundtables, both in person or digital, present an opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership on key topical issues and trends that shape institutional investors’ decision-making. Roundtable participants consider pertinent industry issues, rather than being overt sales or marketing strategies.

Our roundtables comprise of six to eight leading figures from key stakeholder organisations to the chosen topic, plus two sponsor representatives. They are hosted bymanagingeditor Julia Newbould’. 

Participants are determined collaboratively, leveraging both of our connections.

content amplification

The coverage from the roundtable will be published as an exclusive online feature and promoted via:



Social Media

Sponsored microsite

Microsites are a highly collaborative content partnership, with an opportunity to exclusively own a section within the website.

Branding & concept

Microsites enable an equilibrium between branding and native content. The microsite will feature your branding, while the content is displayed in a native format that resonates with our readers.

Our editoial and client partnerships team will collaborate with you on a theme or topic based on our deep audience insights to promote your thought leadership and presence in the market.

Microsites showcase your thought leadership in the form of articles, videos, papers or podcasts that you would like to amplify to our audience.

Each month we will provide detailed performance analytics and collaborate with you on content decisions and amplification.

Content Distribution

Published as an exclusive online feature and promoted via:


Social Media

Infocus report

Sponsored feature

Sponsored features, or InFocus Reports, are the most impactful media product in the market. Sponsored features allow you to skilfully showcase your organisations thought leadership, leveraging our editorial independence and insights.

Together we will workshop a topical issue, then ignite a conversation with your key brand representative to discuss the issue at length in an interview, collaborating with you on the questions content and editorial lens.

Two key industry stakeholders are then invited to provide input to add weight and diversity of thought to the conversation.


Published as an exclusive online feature and promoted via:



Social Media


Podcasts content has sky-rocketed as our audience embrace the convenience and diversity of multimedia to consume high quality content.

Podcasts are a highly-effective way to bring your brand to life and promote your key thought leaders alongside some of the country’s leading subject matter experts, boasting a long-term appeal with downloads and subscribers growing over time.

Partnership opportunities include bespoke podcast series, such as our Ethics for Advice, or standalone podcasts as part of The Shape of Advice Series.

We provide detailed feedback and analytics, allowing you to accurately measure the success of your campaign against key metrics.

All content eligible for CPD points can also be promoted via our CPD platform, where advisers visit and consume quality information that contributes to their professional development.

Content Distribution

Published online feature and promoted via:

Investment Magazine Website Content Distribution


Investment Magazine News Letter Content Distribution


Social Media


Take a deep dive into a conversational style video interview with our in-house editorial and production team. We provide content curation and scripting, shooting, editing and distribution, including:

  • Editorial workshops and consultancy, scripting, leveraging our deep insights of content and digital events and roundtables
  • Professional shooting and production of a three to six-minute video
  • Video assets will be provided for distribution through your own channels
  • After your video has run, we will provide analytics, feedback and benchmarking.
Investment Magazine Video

Content Distribution

Published as an exclusive online feature and promoted via:




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